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I’m Jesse I love an adventure and to go on holiday with you. I love lots of cuddles under a blanket. Say goodbye to bedtime struggles and hello to peaceful slumbers! Invest in the Dreamcatcher Buddy today and gift your child the gift of sweet dreams and endless comfort.

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The dragon’s body is covered in soft, vibrant-colored fabric, reminiscent of scales. Its richly textured material provides a comforting and tactile experience when hugged or touched. The plush toy’s wings are beautifully embroidered with intricate patterns, adding a touch of elegance and charm.

The Dreamcatcher Buddy isn’t just a cuddly companion; it’s a magical guardian designed to bring peace and comfort to your child’s bedtime routine. With its enchanting design and soothing presence, this dragon captures and filters out any bad dreams, ensuring your little one enjoys a restful night’s sleep.


2 reviews for Jesse from Dreamcatcher Buddies

  1. Vanessa

    “Dreamcatcher Buddies” what a fabulous toy! My friends daughter was starting school and I saw these dreamcatcher buddies and thought what a good idea they were. I bought two; one for my friends daughter who was starting school plus another for her younger daughter as I didn’t want to buy for one without the other. As it turns out they both absolutely love their Dreamcatcher Buddies.
    I also now have purchased three more for Christmas presents for young family members. Most young children experience nightmares at some point and these cuddlies are simply perfect to alleviate fears and aid a good nights sleep.

  2. Cheryl Davis

    I have recently purchased one of each of the dreamcatcher buddies to wrap up for both of my children for christmas. Both my children are not the greatest at getting to sleep at night. My daughter who is disabled and has a lot of neurological issues struggles with separation anxiety at night and I think Charli the unicorn will give her a comfort toy to go to bed with and give us a better night’s sleep. I particularly like the dreamcatcher buddies because they are soft, colourful and they come with a dreamcatcher and my son often says he has had a bad dream so I am sure both my children will get lots of cuddles with them.

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