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Hi I’m Charli, I love rainbows and cuddles on the sofa. I like to read stories with you at bedtime. The Dreamcatcher Buddy isn’t just a cuddly companion; it’s a magical guardian designed to bring peace and comfort to your child’s bedtime routine. With its enchanting design and soothing presence, this dragon captures and filters out any bad dreams, ensuring your little one enjoys a restful night’s sleep


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Charli has a colourful and fluffy mane and tail, a glittery horn, and a sweet, endearing expression.

The Dreamcatcher Buddy is your new best friend comfort teddy for bed which filters out your bad dreams and thoughts helping you to have peaceful and restful sleep while feeling safe and secure.

There’s no such thing as monsters under your bed or any of the imaginations in your head. Hold me tight and close your eyes while you think of something nice inside. Dreams of magic, dreams of play, let your worries drift away.


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Dimensions 32 × 27 cm

2 reviews for Charli from Dreamcatcher Buddies

  1. Emma Hammond

    My 4 year old has been suffering with night awakenings for some time now. After seeing the dream catcher buddies I decided to buy her Charli the unicorn. I explained that the dream catcher the unicorn is holding will catch any bad dreams that she has and let all the good dreams through to help you have a lovely night’s sleep! She not only cuddles it at night time but she also takes it around with her in the day. A perfect little companion for a unicorn loving girl. I’ve even brought Jesse dragon for my 1 year old son too who loves him just as much!’

  2. Coral

    Charlie the Dreamcatcher has been a god send for my 3yr old Granddaughter who has started to experience night terrors Charlie is by her side every night to catch the horrible dreams along with her favourite bunny I also purchased two more for when my other Grandchildren get to the night terrors age. A lovely very personable gift. Thank you Stacey. Coral x

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