My story


I’m a mum of 2 lovely girls from Hertfordshire and that friend who always says “everything comes from an idea” which is why I decided life is too short and to just go for it when it comes to business. I currently own and run a beauty salon in my home town and in 2023 decided to start my Dreamcatcher Buddy journey.

Dreamcatcher Buddies was created to help children feel safe and secure at night and help them to feel comfortable to fall asleep easy. This was also created in the hope that it would become a friend and comfort to children with worries, anxiety or any other additional needs.

The idea was born when my my oldest daughter asked me for a dreamcatcher as she had been struggling with bad dreams. I straight away searched to see if I could buy her a teddy with a dreamcatcher so she could cuddle it and discovered that it doesn’t exist. This is where the creations of the Dreamcatcher Buddies was born.

I had the help of my daughters when creating the products and took their advice on what design we should choose and colours. It was really important for me that the product and the business involved my family which makes it all that much more special.

My aim is to empower children with comfort and confidence, our mission at Dreamcatcher Buddy is to offer a haven of reassurance and relaxation. We’re dedicated to crafting companions that not only banish bad dreams and anxiety but also become cherished friends, accompanying little ones on their adventures. Through our thoughtful designs and commitment to quality, we aim to provide children with a source of comfort that brings joy wherever they go. With every Dreamcatcher Buddy, we strive to inspire a world where children feel safe, supported, and ready to dream big.

A really important side of the business is “Sponsor A Buddy Campaign” which is my favourite part of the business and so rewarding.

The Buddy Programme pairs each child with a caring sponsor, who provides them with a special gift, a dreamcatcher buddy, which creates moments of happiness and connection at such a pivotal time of their treatment.  Your sponsorship would provide a child with not only a physical item, but a source of comfort and the knowledge that someone cares.

We are currently partnered with; Great Ormond Street Hospital, Lister Hospital, Addenbrookes Hospital, KEECH Hospice, EACH (East Anglia Childrens Hospice).

If you are interested in having the Dreamcatcher Buddy within your stores or would like to sponsor a buddy and have further questions please do not hesitate to contact me at

Stacey x

Maillica Toys Ltd